Basic Configuration

The Lab features 8 specially designed work desks. They can be easily arranged either as one big conference table or two smaller group desks. Additionally each desk has a shelf for briefcases or other stuff to store in. Six of the 8 desks have 17 inch touch displays inserted into their work surface, which are connected to 6 identical desktop PCs inside the desk. These desktop PCs have the current version of Windows 8.1 and all necessary programs for the daily office and conference work.



All Computers in the room run a program called “Workshop Trader”. This program allows participants to “toss” any kind of data to another computer in the room using a finger gesture. In order for the Workshop Trader to function correctly, a participating device needs to register its location and type with a server.
The program can differentiate between three kinds of devices: Files that are thrown to a regular pc, notebook or tablet just appear on the target’s desktop. Second, a computer may be registered as a display. Files thrown at a display will open directly on the display’s screen. This is possible with every kind of file as long as there is a program to open the type of file installed on the computer.
As a third option, a computer may be registered as a switch. Files thrown at a switch are shared with all participating users.

The software for Windows systems may be run from here. Please make sure to include “” in the list of site exceptions for security level “high” in the security tab of the Java Control Panel before trying to run the program.