Welcome at the Business Experience Lab at Stuttgart Media University

clock-time-1-64x64  Business Experience Lab

In today’s work-routines meetings are ubiquitous and take a substantial part of our working time. During meetings, important decisions are developed and communicated. Decision-makers meet in a large variety of situations – also in different places – to work together to arrive at their decisions. Meeting rooms must be prepared to account for these diverse demands. They have to be efficient and flexible in terms of the media equipment they provide.

users-64x64 Support of decision-making

The Business Experience Lab supports the decision-making processes by representing an inter-subjective base of communication for each member. Necessary and important pieces of information may be accessed, alternatives may be displayed and the effects of changes may be simulated.

bar-chart-down-2-64x64 Educate Students

For teaching purposes, the specifics of electronically supported meetings and decision-making processes can be exercised. The lab may also be used as a meeting room for projects and software training courses. The handling of electronic meeting support systems is a central element of education in the program of study.

Watch our new 2.30 min. Video about our Business Experience Lab!

Please turn on sound. We demo a few features from our lab:

  • interactive screens, making annotations, using Microsoft Power BI on any device,  calling skype with touch and throw, using wireless document distribution with drag and trow